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Terms and conditions of use

The use of is subject to the following terms and condition. is owned ans operated by the company Bestcloud. (referred to as “we” or “us” below)

By entering our site or enrolling, you as a user Ambassador  (referred to as “you” below) are accepting our terms and conditions.

1- About the service

Saas Ambassador provides to their users a free tool to refer the top cloud based business apps to their business friends.

Saas Ambassadors selects a range of the most innovative business apps available on the market with the goal of changing the way of working.

We offer to our Ambassadors community the opportunity to help their business friends to switch on  new tools to empower their business.

As an Ambassador, you will be able to refer top business apps via personalized email.

Our Ambassadors will receive commissions for each paying subscriptions from their referrals on selected business apps.

To track your sales, your business friends must subscribe with their referrals emails.

The Service is provided 24h / 24 and 7/7 except for the periods of interruption required for maintenance of the Service

You will find commission information in the product page about amount and duration for each app you could refer. Commission could be in % or in $. Some apps could be share only for love.

The commissions are subjected to change without notification. provides to users a free dashboard to track and follow referrals. It is available for the entire internet nation.

Members should consider, and are responsible for, the legalities, customs (or other similarly relevant) tax and any other fees associated with receiving items from another country, state or within state.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any tax that may be due is paid accordingly

2 - Eligibility

The Service is intend to users who are 18 or older. Any access to or use of by anyone under 18 is expressly prohibited. By using the service you represent and warrant that you are 18 or older.

To use you need to fill all the informations on the login page. You can login with your Facebook or Linkedin account.

Saasambassador is a totally free service.

3- Commission & payout

As Saas Ambassador member you may earn commission in cash for each paying customer you refer to a business app publisher.

Commission is shared between you and us. You will find on your personal dashboard the credit available for payout.

The User can ask to receive his remuneration as soon as he reached the $30 threshold.

The commissions are paid on a Paypal account of the user, entered in your personal account. Paypal fee charges are paid by saasamabassador, no charge for users.

The user agrees to notify Saas Ambassador of any changes in its Paypal details.

Please check Paypal’s website to ensure you are able to receive payments.

The payment of commission is made within 30 days after the payout request.

Commissions may increase or decrease from time to time.

4. Suspension and termination of service.

We reserve the right to refuse membership. If we consider your account is fraudulent, or abusive, we reserve the right to terminate your account.

We reserve the right to terminate dormants accounts without log in at least once a year.

Ambassadors could close their account on request.

5. Modification of Agreement

We may modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, at any time and at our sole discretion for any reason.

We will post the revised agreement on

6. Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy outlines exactly how we manage your account information and the steps we take to ensure your privacy.

7. Copyright is protected by copyright. The service is for your personal use only.