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I cannot sign up to the website

If you are not able to connect please contact us at

I lost my password

Go to the website homepage, click to sign up and then to Forgot password. You will receive your new password by email.

I want to change my password

Connect to, go to My Profile and then edit my password. You will reset your password and create a new one.

I want to change my email

Connect to, go to My Profile and then edit my email. You will reset your email and create a new one.

How to delete my account ?

Connect to, go to My Profile and then choose Delete my account. You will definitely delete your profile.


Is SaaS Ambassador free ?

Yes, you sign up for free and then start to recommend top business apps to your friends and customers. You have nothing to pay.

How do you select Business apps to refer ?

We only deal with the best and reliable SaaS on the market. Our mission is to propose the most innovative, effective, easy-to-use and affordable business applications that help managing and growing businesses smarter. We build trusted partnerships with SaaS publishers in order to give the best to our ambassadors and the final customers. We also invite our ambassadors to suggest us applications they love.

How can I earn money with SaaS Ambassador ?

When you subscribe to our service you become an ambassador. Through our top business apps catalog you will choose the right App to recommend to a friend or customer that will make them work smarter. They will receive your recommendation by email and when they subscribe to a paid plan you will automatically be rewarded on a recurring revenu For each business application you can refer to a friend or customer, a specific commission rate is proposed. Have a look on the product page to the commission rate in %. You earn monthly commissions for each paying clients you refer to the business apps which have a deal.  

How many recommendations can I send ?

You can only invite 5 of your contacts per Business Application per day.

When is a referral validated ?

We control day by day with all our SaaS partners the paid subscriptions. When one of your referral activates a paid plan, He is automatically validated on your dashboard.

How can I consult the paid subscriptions of my referrals ?

When you access your dashboard, you have access to all your latest recommendations with all the information you need.

Business apps referred, date, email address and subscription status. It helps you dunning your customer or friend if necessary.


How and when can I be paid ?

When you connect to your Profile, you access your dashboard with all your earnings. By clicking on « Payout » you will automatically be paid with your Paypal account. Payments are delivered within 30 days maximum. After 30 days if you haven’t received your payments, please contact us at

From which amount can I ask to be paid ?

Payout starts at $30. Then, you can click to payout and receive your money back.

How can I share my revenues with a non-profit organizations ?

When you connect to your Profile, you access your dashboard with all your earnings. You can easily choose the amount of money you want to donate. When clicking to ‘Donate’ then one of our non-profit organization partner will receive the money.

After payment, you will receive the receipt of your donation to the non-profit organizations.